Nanlux Dyno 650C - 650W LED Soft Light RGBWW LED Panel

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Rent Nanlux Dyno 650C - 650W LED Soft Light RGBWW LED Panel

The Dyno Series has a choice of four color modes: HSI, RGBW, Gel and XY.

Unleash your creativity with precision mixing of hue, saturation and intensity, plus individual RGBW control over red, green, blue and white. Selection is simple using the built-in LED screen for reference

Powerful and soft, with an ultra-wide beam angle, the super strong Dyno Series 650C and the compact is quite simple.

Developed specifically for movie, TV, broadcast and media applications, these latest additions to the NANLUX range of professional LED solutions provide you with complete control and exceptional levels of consistent, quality light.

The Dyno series provides a correlated color temperature range between 2700K and 20000K. Precision control over green/magenta to achieve accurate adjustment of the Duv. allows for detailed color accuracy, allowing the user to perfectly match practical and other light sources.


Lighting Specs

Light Source :
Power Source :
AC 110V
Face Diameter :
32'' x 25''

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