Chimera LED Lightbank for 1X1 Lite Panel

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Chimera LED Lightbank  for 1x1 LED Light

The Chimera LED Lightbank is lightweight, collapsible, easy to use and long lasting. And since it’s made by Chimera, you know you’re getting the kind of high quality that will last year after year, scene after beautiful scene.

  Model    Description   L x W x D
  1650   LP-1x1 Kit for Litepanels 1x1     14.75" x 14.75" x 7" 
Model   Enhancer Screens Tab Color Code
LS30 Stanard Red
LS05 Light Diffusion Green
LS33 Wide Coverage Black
16501200 Replacement Pole  

Instructions:  LED Lightbank For Litepanels 1x1


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