LEDGO Bi-Color Flood, Shoot-Through LED Ring Light

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The LEDGO LGR320C Ring Light is a new take on beauty lighting, providing all of the solutions that photographers and videographers have been asking for in a ring light. Combining ultra soft light, incredible color accuracy, and portability, this LED Ring Light is the new gold standard in beauty lighting.

Soft, Even Light

Ring Lights are designed to be used at relatively close distances to the subject in order to get the iconic “ring” catch light. Traditional LED ring lights create hotspots on your talent and can be painful to look at at short distances. The LEDGO Ring Light uses specialized LED’s in order to create a soft, even flood of light on your subject that isn’t hard on their eyes.

Accurate Color

All LEDGO products have a minimum 95 CRI with negligible ?UV (green/magenta) color shift, meaning accurate, vibrant colors and less time spent in post-production.

Variable Color Temperature and Brightness

The ability to change the brightness and color temperature of LEDGO Ring Light allows you to seamlessly blend your light with the ambient light, eliminating the need for additional diffusion or color correction gels. The LEDGO Ring Light can be adjusted anywhere between 3200K and 5600K with the exact power levels and color temperature readout appearing on the LCD screen on the back of the unit.


Low-cost LED’s will sometimes flicker when used at low power. All LEDGO lights are flicker tested to over 40,000 framers per second. This allows cinematographers to use HD, 4K, 8K, or slow-motion cameras when using these lights.

Integrated Handles and Camera Mount

Built-in handles on both sides of the light, and an adjustable camera mounting plate on 15mm rails, makes this light the ultimate “run and gun” video lighting solution.

AC or DC Powered

Dual Sony NP-F battery mounts make the LEDGO Ring Light truly portable, giving over an hour of full-power runtime. Using a 3rd-party D-tap cable, this light can also run off of large camera batteries, integrating seamlessly into any cinematographers’ kit. Every LEDGO Ring Light also includes a multi-voltage AC Power Pack.

**Sony NP-F750 or higher is required**

Large Shoot-through diameter

The 12” (30cm) diameter opening allows cinematographers to shoot with larger cinema lenses, and also enables video bloggers and social media stars to film with phones and tablets.

15mm Rail Mount

A camera mounting plate based on two standard 15mm rails is included with every kit, allowing you to attach your camera and position it to best suit your shot. These rails can be removed, allowing you to incorporate the LEDGO Ring Light into your existing camera rig. For large video camera rigs, the LEDGO Ring Light also has two 19mm rail slots.

USB Charging Port

Many video bloggers and social media personalities use mobile devices to record their videos. The integrated USB charging port allows these filmmakers to charge their phone or tablet while recording, providing you with hours of worry-free recording.

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