Aputure Spotlight Max Kit

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Rent The Aputure Spotlight Max Kit

  • Interchangeable Lens (19°, 26°, 36°)
  • Minimal Edge Fringing (1mm @5m)
  • Std. Bowens mount, Modular Design
  • Hi-Res Lens (2K Resolution)
  • Easy Sharp Cuts (Internal Shutter Blades)
  • Even Light Spread
  • Std. B-size Gobo
  • Removable Gel Frame
  • Dual Junior / Baby Mount
  • Low CCT Deviation (+-200K)
  • 10X Light Output w/ 120d II
  • Multi-Slots for Gobo/IRIS

Acquire pinpoint accuracy when projecting your light with your choice of 3 different lenses.

The Spotlight Mount’s lens technology minimizes chromatic aberrations around the edge of the illumination circle. Compared to similar ellipsoidal fixtures, the Spotlight Mount significantly decreases its edge color fringing to a mere 1mm.

The Spotlight Mount also offers simple user-interchangeability between Aputure’s 19°, 26°, and 36° lenses. Combined with the internal shutters, filmmakers will be able to gain more control of the shape of their light.

With the included B-size Gobos, Gobo Holder, and gel frame the Spotlight Mount allows for even further light manipulation, to easily project any shape or color you can think of.

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