Scrim Jim 4' x 6' Cine Kit - Basic

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Scrim Jim Cine Kits provide the ultimate light control for on-the-go photographers, filmmakers, and cinematographers. 

These inclusive kits are easy-to-use and can bounce or diffuse any light source imaginable. This 4’ x 6’ Scrim Jim Cine Kit features a 4' x 6’ Scrim Jim Cine modular frame. 

This frame is constructed with heavy-duty anodized aluminum for a lightweight yet durable design. Featuring four 46” frame tubes and two 22” frame tubes, this frame breaks down quickly and can be thrown into the included case for travel and storage. When assembled, the frame’s heavy-duty positive-locking connectors ensure the frame stays together throughout long shoots or on windy outdoor sets. 

This kit includes a 4’ x 6’ 3/4-stop diffuser and a 4’ x 6’ reversible silver/white bounce fabric. 

The diffusion fabric is pure in color can be utilized to soften and diffuse overhead lighting, sunlight or studio light sources without altering color temperature. 

The reversible bounce fabric is double-laminated can be used to reflect light for illuminating and adding highlights to your subject or scene.

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