Manfrotto Pro Scrim All-in-One Kit -Medium

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The Manfrotto Pro Scrim All In One Kit 1.1x2m Medium includes: 1x lightweight frame, 3x textile covers; (black, double-sided silver/white bounce and 1.25 stop diffuser), 2x grip heads, 2x ears and carry case.

The Pro Scrim All In One includes all of the essential components required for creative image makers to take control of their lighting set up by bouncing, diffusing and flagging the light source. 

Another fantastic feature of this kit is the durable cine style ears, fasten them on either side of the frame and then drop them into the chrome steel grip heads. The frame can then be positioned exactly where it is needed when fastened to any pair of sturdy light stands with a 16mm (5/8”) spigot.

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