Parabolix 45 Reflector Kit

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Omni LED Profoto Adapter
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Parabolix 45" (114cm) Focusable Parabolic Reflector

  • Large light coverage with rich detail and wrap
  • Excellent for commercial, fashion and portraits
  • Use with Parabolix Omni LED or With Profoto Strobe
  • Dimension opened: 45" (114cm) diameter, 27" (69cm) deep
  • Dimensions Folded: 40" (101cm) length, 7.5" (19cm) diameter

The Parabolix® 45 is a favorite among beauty and portrait photographers and videographers. This reflector creates a large, rich beauty light that is great for close ups as well as full body shots. At nearly 30 inches deep, it gives incredibly smooth wrap and falloff, beautiful skin transitions, and rich contrast. This is our favorite "go-to" light for beauty and portraiture.

The 45" Reflector comes with the new fast-latching speed ring system, making setup and breakdown easy.

The 45" Lighting Package also comes with the Light Focus Mount PRO

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