Aputure Spotlight Max 3 Lens Kit

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Rent Aputure Spotlight Max

  • Projector Lens Modifier for High-Powered Bowens Mount LED Fixtures
  • Available with 19º / 36º / 50º Precision-Designed Lenses
  • Precision Optics with Minimal Chromatic Aberration, Color Shift, Distortion, & Light Spill
  • Compatible with ETC Projection Lenses (with optional ETC Lens Adapter)
  • Rotating Gobo Holder for Easier Pattern Projection

The Spotlight Max is optimized for high-powered Bowens mount point source LED fixtures. When adapting fixtures such as the LS 600d and LS 1200d Pro Electro Storms XT-26 and CS-15 to projection lights, users can take advantage of much higher output levels compared to the same fixtures paired with the original Spotlight Mount, thanks to improved optics.

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