Redrock One Man Crew Complete

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Our one man crews have the Redrock Stand Adapters
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What’s Included:


  • 1 One Man Crew
  • 1 Redrock Heavy Load Tilt head
  • 1 AC adapter (110v or 220v with international plug adapters)
  • 1 Soft case

Technical Specifications:


  • Track length: 36”
  • Set custom end points
  • Speed control: real-time wheel controlled
  • Leveling assist: bubble level
  • Automatic track
  • Manual track
  • Maximum camera weight limit: 20+lbs
  • Support options: centered bottom plate with tripod mount holes (1/4” and 3/8”), rubberized corner feet for tabletop or ground
  • Accessory mounts: integrated 3/8” and ¼” female mounting points on rear
  • Camera head: heavy load tilt head
  • Alignment setup: laser assisted with on/off toggle


Perfect for Corporate, Documentary, Interviews, Product/Tabletop Photography



The One Man Crew is the perfect addition to small crews doing interviews and relying on fast setups and great images. Use on the main camera when alone for a high-end production feel, or use with a second camera for cutting between shots with beautiful high quality movement. Use more than one One Man Crew in multi-camera shoots for getting those extra shots that make the difference.


The One Man Crew is also great for product and tabletop photography where smooth, controlled, and repeatable motion creates that extra sparkle in your product shots.



Setup in Literally Minutes



The One Man Crew is ready in under a minute and can be setup by virtually anyone thanks to a lightweight self-contained design, intuitive laser alignment guides, and push button ease of use. One Man Crew does the rest, delivering smooth, controlled camera motion for that high-end production feel. Walk into a board room or a hotel room with confidence you can nail the shot.




The heart of the One Man Crew is the first and only parabolic motion system.



Once set up, your subject stays in focus and stationary in the frame without any operator assistance. Push-button ease of use means you are getting the shot, not fiddling with controls and programming while everyone is waiting.




Deliver beautiful content on every project, no matter the budget. One Man Crew is at home on sets with one crew member or one hundred. Any way you use the One Man Crew, it delivers consistently great footage. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with less.



Key Features and Benefits


  • StayFocus Curved Rail keeps subject in focus and stationary in frame
  • Instant setup with self-contained unit and laser alignment assist
  • Works with virtually any camera – universal plate and capacity of 20 lbs
  • Easy to transport and carry
  • Complete kit includes everything you need
RedRock Micro

Camera Support Specs

Track Length (inches):
Max Load Capacity (LB):
Compatible Cameras:
  • DSLR Cameras
  • Canon Cinema
  • Black Magic Cinema
  • Prosumer Video Camcorders

Dimensions and Weight

Weight :
14.5lbs including tilt head
Dimensions :
(W x H x D) 9” x 3.25” x 46”