Panasonic 21.5" LCD Studio Monitor BT-LH2170

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Rental Includes
  • Full HD 1920x1080 Resolution
  • 10-Bit Image Processing Engine
  • Waveform and Vectorscope Display
  • 3G-SDI, HDMI, Video, DVI Connectivity
  • In-Monitor Display for Text and Tall

Panasonic BT-LH2170 21.5" high performance LCD monitor offers native 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution; advanced 2D and 3D assist; high-quality IPS panel with wide viewing angle; and a production tough aluminum die-cast front frame. The LH2170 has an array of advanced features such as multiple professional inputs including; HD-SDI; 3G-SDI and HDMI; true color processing with a 3D look-up table (LUT); HD/SD closed captioning; 12V DC operation for field use; and an eco-friendly panel with mercury-free LED backlight and low power consumption.

The monitor’s high brightness (250cd /m²); high contrast (1000:1); horizontally-aligned IPS panel has 178 degree vertical and horizontal viewing angles. It delivers exceptional imagery with superb color accuracy and exhibits minimal changes in brightness and color due to the viewing angle. The LH2170’s 3D LUT with six-pole color correction includes a look-up table for each signal level; and applies 10-bit image processing to each RGB color to balance the six coordinate axes of the three primary colors (RGB) and their complementary colors (CMY); resolving color drifting at low light levels and keeping colors vividly natural. In addition; a black mode makes dark image areas in low-gradation scenes easier to view.

Its advanced 2D assist features include an in-monitor display; a Y-Map display that makes it easy to confirm a luminance level map; a Zebra display; and a two-window display; which allows for two separate HD/SDI inputs to be viewed simultaneously for comparing different signals. The two-window display can also be combined with advanced assist display functions; including Y MAP; which allows you to see the image at each luminance level in one window; while looking at the standard image in the other window.

The LH2170 monitor’s 3D assist functionality -- including a 24p input for use with 3D camera rigs -- is ideal for production crews that require 3D review in the field. The LH2170’s 3D assist functions include top and bottom display in addition to side-by-side display (for a 2D view of various 3D checks including composition; convergence; color and luminance; focus and zoom position; and parallax); and a Focus-in-Red focus assist to emphasize sharply focused image areas.

The LH2170 incorporates diverse video inputs and remote terminals to deliver superb operability in a system configuration; including 3G-SDI and HD/SD-SDI (with loop-through); HDMI; digital and analog DVI-I (Single Link); composite and GPI inputs; as well as RS-232C and RS-485. The new RS-485 Serial Remote permits up to 32 monitors to be connected in a loop-through configuration; each of which can be designated and controlled by a distinct ID number. TSL commands allow text display (8 alphanumeric characters) and tally indication. It supports two audio channels and audio monitoring via built-in speakers and headphone output.

  • Waveform; vectorscope; Y MAP and zebra displays
  • Pixel-to-pixel mapping
  • Color audio level meter
  • HV Delay: Displays the video blanking period
  • Mono mode
  • Supports the EIA/CEA-708 and EIA/CEA-608 SD-SDI closed captioning standards
  • Worldwide 59.94/50Hz compatibility
  • VESA screws for mounting and a supplied stand
  • Color audio level meter
  • Standard tilt stand; tally lamps; and Key Lock function
  • Stand included
  • Standard screw holes for mounting
  • Quiet operation (No cooling fan)
  • Power: AC (integrated) and DC12V
  • Additional Specs
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Monitor Specs

Monitor Type :
Production Display
Monitor Size :
Power Source :
  • AC Power Cord
Mount :
Desktop or Roller Stand
Resolution :
1920 x 1080
Input :
  • 3G-SDI
  • BNC
  • DVI-I
  • HDMI
  • 3G-SDI
  • Headphone
Outdoor :
With Accessory Hood

Dimensions and Weight

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