This Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster S Version (MB_SPEF-m43-BM2) must use with active MFT mount carmeas, such as OMD, GH4 and BMPCC,

Please Note This is not compatible for  EF-S lenses 

BMCC 2.5K. Passive MFT camera users please choose another version called "Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster (MB_SPEF-m43-BM1)". 

Increase maximum aperture by 1 stop. 

  • Increase MTF.
  • Makes lens 0.71x wider.
  • Build-in electronics to control lens aperture.
  • The lens aperture is set by the controls on the camera body.
  • Powered by camera body. no external power source required. 
  • High performance 32-bit processor and efficient switched-mode power supply.
  • The tripod foot is detachable and compatible with Arca Swiss, Markins and Photo Clam ball heads.
  • Support O-M10, O-M1 and O-M5

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