Chimera Octa 2 Collapsible Beauty Dish 30"

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Chimera Octa 2 Beauty Dish  is the world’s first collapsible, transportable, lightweight Beauty Dish. You can take it anywhere. It creates stunning soft light with round catch lights. A Center Bounce Disc reflects the “raw” light from your light source into the soft white reflector. As a result, you are able to light people perfectly, and achieve a round catchlight in their eyes.

And it’s convertible! Transform it into an OctaPlus Lightbank by adding the supplied Front Diffuser Screen. It creates a two-foot OctaPlus that’s highly portable. And it becomes a folding location 30" reflector for a studio bare tube flash head when center disc and front screen are not used. 

The Octa 2 Beauty Dish works with Standard OctaPlus Speed Rings for studio strobes and with the new adjustable Versi Octa Speed Ring for on-camera flash units. 

Any still photographer and lighting specialist will want it, both for location and studio shooting.



Chimera's Octa 2 Beauty Dish #6010 consists of:

• A 24” collapsible, folding Octa 2 Beauty Dish body. 
• Pre-curved Stainless Steel Poles.
• A Center Bounce Disc.
• An Octa Plus Front Screen



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