Arrow 25 Solo ENG 3-Stage Carbon Fibre System The Arrow 25 Solo ENG tripod system combines the Arrow 25 fluid head with versatile 3 Stage Solo ENG carbon fibre tripod to support the latest generation in acquisition from the DSLR to film-ready HDV alternatives to the lightweight ENG camcorders of payloads from 3.5-14 kg/7-30 lbs. Key Features: Ultra light, Solo ENG carbon fibre spreadless tripod 382-2032mm/15-80" height range Arrow 25 5-position selectable pan/tilt head 4-position rear-mount Counterbalance White LED illuminated bubble level and drag controls Solo ENG 3 Stage 100mm Carbon Fiber Tripod The ultimate ultra light ENG tripod Miller Solo ENG has changed how cameraman view telescopic tripods by achieving incredibly high torsional rigidity in the lightest 100mm Carbon fibre/magnesium design. Reaching a skyhigh 1870mm (73.6"), this 3-Stage ring locking tripod collapses down to a dwarf-like 220mm (8.7"). Designed for Video Journalists on the run, Solo ENG is ultra-light and ultra-versatile, utilising Leg Angle lock to eliminate the need for a spreader, and to reduce overall system weight and complexity. Tripod Features: Supports all full size ENG/EFP camcorders Eliminates Spreader with innovative Leg Angle Lock Safe, speedy 3-Stage ring lock leg clamping 100mm industry standard ball levelling Spike or wind-down rubber feet Arrow 25 Fluid Head From DSLR to ENG The Arrow 25 is a 100mm fluid head designed to support the latest generation in acquisition from the film-ready HDV alternatives to the lightweight ENG camcorders providing outstanding fluid drag performance. Arrow 25 features 5+5 selectable pan/tilt drag (plus'0') to provide repeatable light to heavy drag settings. Selectable 4 position counterbalance and 70mm sliding camera platform to balance a wide range of camera loads from 3.5-14kg makes the Arrow 25 one of the most versatile camera support platforms available. Head Features: Payload range from 3.5 - 14 kg / 7-30 lbs 5 (plus zero) positions of fluid pan and tilt drag 4 positions of counterbalance 70mm Quick release sliding platform 100mm ball levelling Rear mounted controls White illumination of bubble level and indicators for pan and tilt

Support Specs

Head Type :
Series :
Video / Cinema
Compatiblity :
  • Medium Format
  • DSLR
  • Canon Cinema
  • Red Scarlet
  • Pro Video
  • Prosumer Video

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