Canon EOS R5 C Mirrorless Cinema Camera

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Rent Canon EOS R5C Mirrorless Cinema Camera

  • Cinema + Photo
  • Full Frame 8K CMOS Sensor, 45MP Stills
  • 12-Bit Cinema RAW Light - JPEG/C-RAW

Canon's 45 Megapixel full-frame, CMOS imaging sensor is at the heart of the EOS R5 C camera's superb image quality, which also leads the way for impressive 8K/60P RAW cinematic video shooting.

Focus and speed are paramount in the EOS R5 C camera, providing impressive still-image continuous capture at speeds of up to 20 frames per second, and with Dual Pixel CMOS AF II capability, to track split second movements of even the most elusive subjects. With 1,053 Automatic AF zones, it is easy to photograph people with the use of Eye, Face and Head Detection AF, or intuitively track the whole body, face or eye of cats, dogs, or birds with Animal Detection AF.

For those with the need for speed, Canon has also included still-image vehicle subject detection to assist with accurate tracking of cars and motorcycles. Connectivity like 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®, is also included for the transfer of still images.


Camera Specs

Camera Type :
Full Frame Mirrorless
Mega Pixels:
Lens Mount :
  • Canon RF Mount
Sensor Size :
Approx. 36.0 x 24.0 mm
Recording Media :
CF Express Type B - SD UHSII
Display Screen :
3.2 inches
Power :
  • LPE6N
Audio :
3.5 mm TRS Stereo Mic/Line
Compatible Lenses (Canon) :
  • Canon RF
  • EF With Adapter

Dimensions and Weight

Weight :
1.7 lb / 770 g (With Battery)

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