Beachtek DXA-SLR PRO adapter is an all new design with many enhanced features over the older DXA-SLR model. The Beachtek DXA-SLR PRO provides a high performance front end to connect virtually any professional microphone and other audio gear to these cameras for superior audio. This enables the DSLR shooter to record professional audio directly to the camera without the need for a third party audio recording device, or having to sync the audio in post production


Two XLR Inputs High quality Neutrik XLR inputs allow you to connect professional grade microphones
Phantom Power 12 or 48V phantom power can be sent to each channel for powering condenser microphones
Gain Each channel features a switchable 15dB gain switch
Limiters Limiters protect against noise and distortion caused by unpredictable peaks and loud signals
AGC Disable The AGC Disable feature allows the camera to record clean audio without wavering levels caused by the camera’s AGC compensation
VU Meter Comprehensive VY metering with an intuitive LCD screen mounted on the back. The meter levels in 3dB increments
Headphone Output The headphone output enables the monitoring from the adapter during recording. The camera’s audio may be monitored during playback with the A/V output connected to the adapter
Low Noise pre-amplifiers The adapter’s low-noise, low distortion and wide-frequency response preamps ensure superb audio quality

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