Westcott Optical Spot Bowens Mount (by Lindsay Adler) - For Aputure and Nanlite

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Westcott Optical Spot Bowens S Type Mount (by Lindsay Adler) Fits Aputure and Nanlite 

  • Includes optical spot, 150mm f/3.5 focusing lens, 8 gobos, gobo holder, gobo storage case, 5 color gels, gel ring clip, light mount, and travel case
  • Creates precise, controlled, and creative lighting in the studio
  • Ideal for selective lighting, dramatic special effects, subtle textures, and creative patterns on any subject, surface, or background
  • Focusable lens projects a sharp-edged circle of light without discoloration or halo effect
  • Adjustable metal leaves for projecting precise shapes and slices of light
  • 5 gel filters with gel clip for adding color
  • 8 gobo designs project a focusable image or pattern of light
  • Attaches to a compatible light source using the included light mount
  • Rated for 100W COBs and 600Ws strobes with LED or COB modeling lamp or the modeling lamp removed
  • Access to an exclusive 40-minute video with Lindsay‚Äôs Top 5 Uses
  • Variety of gobo and gel expansion packs available
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