Sony XQD Memory Card G Series 64GB

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With blazing fast writing speed to leverage the maximum performance of camera, XQD cards enables continuous shooting of up to 200*2 RAW images. With a shorter buffer clearing time, XQD cards can keep up with the shooting speed of the camera, you will capture more decisive moments in multiple bursts of continuous shooting.

Featuring a newly developed controller and a unique ‘EB Stream’ function enabling stable high frame 4K video recording while avoiding speed degradation.

XQD USB adapters and XQD/SD card readers supporting SuperSpeed USB3.1(Gen 1) interface, dramatically reduce data backup time for a more efficient work flow even for large quantity of RAW images or data-intensive 4K video files.

XQD Memory Cards is designed with recess contact pins which protect them from damage, dust or electrostatic shock. 

With the compatible devices also designed to protect contact pins and avoid inserting card in the wrong direction, it provides a more reliable use even in harsh environments. Furthermore, Sony’s XQD cards improve durability with increased shell strength thanks to its unique technology.


Memory Card

Storage Capacity:
Card Type :
Read Speed :
440 MB/s
Write Speed:
400 MB/s

Dimensions and Weight

Weight :
0.35 oz