Quantum Q Flash Trio Nikon

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Camera Shoe Mounted and all Built-in
The Qflash TRIO QF8 combines a Qflash head with built-in FreeXwire TTL radio and QTTL adapter for your digital camera. Slip it onto the camera hot-shoe, connect a Turbo with the included long power cable CQ8, and go. TRIO BASIC combines the Qflash head and TTL only. The NEW, lower priced version of TRIO can be upgraded later to include the FreeXwire radio system. (Click here for more on TRIO BASIC.)

Radio Wireless TTL - - Send or Receive
TRIO's radio sends TTL commands to other remote Qflash TRIO's. Configure distinct modes and settings of remote Qflash TRIO's from the on-camera TRIO.
And, the on-camera TRIO controls older Qflash* models mated to FreeXwire receivers. Control an unlimited number of remote Qflash units.

Radio QTTL signals from TRIO do not require line-of-site like camera optical links... they're more reliable and work at 5 times the distance.
Qflash Studio Quality Light
TRIO comes with parabolic reflector for producing studio quality light. It is removable to quickly interchange for bare bulb, wide angle, diffused, and telephoto reflectors.
USB Port for Firmware Updates
A USB port has been added to Qflash TRIO for easily downloading of updates, plus TRIO has all the same features as other Qflash models including: Manual, Auto, Auto-Fill, TTL, and Program Modes (Pre-Sets). TRIO is powered by Quantum's line of Turbo battery packs.

Lighting Specs

Light Source :
Strobe (Flash)

Dimensions and Weight

Weight :
20 oz / 567 g

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