Hensel Integra Pro Plus 500w/s Monolight

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Hensel Integra Pro Plus 500ws Monolight 

The Hensel Integra series of monolights provides the control and power most photographers require, whether its commercial, portrait, wedding, or industrial photography. The Integra Pro is a multi-voltage monolight which makes it useful worldwide, with a simple changing of the modeling light and plug adapter

6 F-Stop RangeAdjustable in 0.1 stop clicks, on the illuminated front panel, from full to 1/32 power output.

300 Watt Modeling Light - Modeling light power is reduced after your pre-set idle time (5 - 90 minutes) to prevent heat build-up, and to conserve lamp life.
Flash Check,Dims the modeling light while charging the capacitors. When the capacitors are at 100%, the modeling light relights.

Lighting Specs

Light Source :
Strobe (Flash)
Watts per Second :
Power Source :
AC 110/220