Glidetrack XD Hybrid Slider 1.5M With 100mm Bowl Mount

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Following the phenomenal success of the Glidetrack HD and SD Hybrids, we have expanded the range again to include the Glidetrack XD Hybrid. Developed in conjunction with Igus®. It has been designed to offer an evolution of the traditional plain Drylin carriage systems.

  • XD Hybrid includes:
  • Four Igus hybrid bearings
  • Hard anodized, aluminium, high precision extruded industrial grade rail

Glidetrack XD is tailor-made for professional use including professional film crews and TV companies. We developed the XD in response to demand from professional crews for a Glidetrack to handle larger production type cameras. The big appeal of the Glidetrack XD is that crews find it allows them to get dolly shots in spaces/places that a traditional dolly system simply can't go near.

Its simplicity and ease of use makes it a huge time saver, which is a major factor when keeping an eye on production budgets.

Glidetrack XD Hybrid is based on a heavy-duty 20mm rail with a 80mm wide slider car. Due to its size and the type of cameras being used with it, the XD Hybrid Glidetrack should be mounted across two tripods


Camera Support Specs

Track Length (inches):
Max Load Capacity (LB):
Head Mount:
Compatible Cameras:
  • DSLR Cameras
  • Canon Cinema
  • Sony F5
  • Black Magic Cinema
  • Professional HD Camcorders
  • Prosumer Video Camcorders

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