Aqua Tech Sound Blimp For Canon 5D Mark II

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Aquatech Sound Blimp for the Canon 5D Mark II    

Requires a Lens Tube - Please refer to our Lens Tube Reference Chart for a full list of supported lenses

AquaTech’s new sound blimpvirtually eliminates camera noise, and is designed for use on movie sets, sound stages and theaters, quiet sports venues, courtrooms and wildlife photography.

Recently performed independent anechoic chamber lab tests demonstrated a 98% reduction in camera noise!

Polyurethane construction makes it 19% lighter than our competitors'. The controls are fabricated of stainless steel, hard-anodized aluminum and high-strength plastic. Six models fit a wide variety of Canon and Nikon cameras, and all feature a tripod mount,  a single quick-release clip w/safety latch, shutter release and interchangeable lens tube system (required). 

The Aquatech sound blimp is not to be used in the water.


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